about us & how we came up with basta: 


nick and eitan started out as “industry friends” that saw each other at different functions, but quickly found themselves hanging out in real life too.

on a chilly saturday night, we headed to the movies to see the latest james bond in lower manhattan. luckily, it was sold out, so we bought tickets to the next show and headed to get a bite. we chatted about entrepreneurship and the idea of doing “something” together. the truth is, we loved our day jobs, but we just wanted to create something for ourselves. so, with no plan or lead, we committed to meeting every saturday and letting our brains go wild. if we came up with something we believed in then we would pursue it. If we didn’t, then at least we got the brain juices flowing. feedback was key to the process. every time we felt like we had a major breakthrough, we spent time with people we trusted, looked up to and knew would be honest with us. once our vision was clear, we needed a designer who could help take our thoughts and turn them into real products. we knew many talented designers but only one came to mind, jong park (jp). everything from his personal sensibilities to his impressive resume made him a must have for basta. 

so, i guess you know the end of the story, and here we are, pitching you our joint vision. 

who are we?


after working for famed fashion director nick wooster at bergdorf goodman, nick mcclish was recruited by ron johnson, the guy who pioneered apple’s retail store and genius bar, at jc penney. his challenge: to reimagine the merchandising strategy and create better products at the same low cost. after an impressive stint there, mark lee, former ceo of barneys new york, brought nick back into the world of buying in a lead role for their renowned menswear department. currently, nick is finishing up his mba at london business school. 

a founding team member and organizer of the top menswear tradeshow, liberty fairs, eitan braham has learned the ropes from industry mogul and visionary, sam ben avraham. every year, eitan creates a number of major industry events where niche and commercial brands can showcase their collections to the world’s most influential buyers and coveted media outlets. in addition, eitan is a partner at the critically acclaimed menswear brand, knickerbocker mfg co.

a seasoned designer, jp spent most of his career developing and designing luxury and athletic apparel for the iconic ralph lauren. jp has launched multiple personal projects ranging from design & production for equinox’s in house line to owning and running an apparel factory in new york city’s famed garment district.  

over the last 10 years, we have been fortunate to work and learn from some of the most iconic figures in the menswear industry. by building a strong community, we’ve gained access to a network of world-class factories, mills and logistical partners to help our vision come to life. now we need your help, let's #buildtogether ... basta.


our business model


fair pricing

our products will be priced very competitively compared to market equivalents. basta follows the direct to consumer business model, meaning we cut out the middleman to keep our prices fair. by working with a faster and smarter supply chain, we can offer our products 40% less than what they would normally be priced in the current marketplace.


our current project